MTBF Stakeholders

The Ministry of Finance

  • The MTBF supports the modernization agenda of the Ministry of Finance, a core objective of which is to establish a more strategic, results-oriented and accountable public financial management system. Finance Division has the lead role in recommending policy on MTBF and leading implementation.

The Planning Commission

  • The MTBF strengthens the ability of the Planning Commission to ensure that current commitments under the Medium Term Development Framework are properly reflected in the annual budget process.

Line Ministries

  • The MTBF supports the Government’s policy of giving line ministries greater control over their financial affairs and the flexibility and capacity to manage their budgets in line with their stated objectives.


  • The MTBF reforms are closely coordinated with the Project for Improvement of Financial Reporting and Accounting (PIFRA), which is implementing modern budgeting and accounting information systems and capacity building across the federal government.


  • The MTBF reform strengthens the ability of Cabinet to enhance fiscal discipline and link its strategic priorities with the budgets.

The National Assembly

  • The MTBF reform seeks to strengthen the ability of the National Assembly to review budgetary proposals and performance through more transparent and results-oriented budgetary documentation.

Provincial Governments

  • The MTBF does not directly involve provincial governments, since they are responsible for their own budgetary management systems.  However appropriate linkages are being established between federal and provincial level reforms.

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